CompTIA Security

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What It Is

CompTIA cyber security certification is a globally acclaimed, vendor-neutral cyber security certificate issued by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the leading provider of professional certifications such as the A+ and Network+. It is an ideal entry-level certification for cyber security professionals or anyone who is looking to launch an IT security career, offering generalized fundamentals to provide candidates with the essentials of information security. CompTIA is the top cyber security certifications for beginners, which is approved by the US Department of Defense to comply with the 8140/8570.01 – M requirements. It also complies with the conventions for ISO 17024 and is accredited by ANSI. Security + certification covers the junior IT Auditor Tester job position in addition to such job roles as Systems Administration, Security Administrator, and Network Administrator. The exam consists of a maximum of 90 questions, which are multiple choice and performance-based – to emphasize hands-on ability to identify security threats, for 90 minutes. The certification is offered in English, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese.

What You Can Achieve With A CompTIA Certification

Since CompTIA cyber security course is approved by the US Department of Defense (DoD), successful candidates will be in a good position to secure a job within the government. It gives you a foundational understanding of cryptography, identity management, threat management, risk management, network access control, security infrastructure and vulnerabilities. It is also recommended for anyone who wants to have a grasp of such concepts as network attack strategies and defenses, elements of effective security policies, network and host-based security practices, business continuity and disaster recovery, encryption standards and products. With this computer security training, you will also gain a thorough the understanding of hardware, mobile devices, hardware and network troubleshooting, windows operating systems. As one of the most demanded cyber security certification, there are no pre-entry requirements. However, CompTIA recommends at least a two-year IT administration experience, as well as earning its Network+ certificate before taking the examination.

Who CompTIA Is Meant For

This program is designed for entry-level PC service technicians who seek a career in a competitive marketplace. In today’s world, impressing recruiters and employers is an uphill task and that is why towing a cyber security certification path can help you to stand ahead of others in a challenging job market. CompTIA is highly essential in validating your skills, adding the much-needed gloss to your resume. Opportunities abound for students pursuing an IT career, in a world where businesses are struggling to hire IT professionals on account of a significant dent in the depth skills of the workforce. Employers are seeking skilled IT professionals in frantic desperation, and more than 85% include at least a certification as a minimum requirement. As a certified individual, you can be distinguished yourself by proving and displaying the specialized skills that employers clamor for. CompTIA certification one of the must-have certifications for cyber security bestows upon you, a competitive advantage in a technical job market; as over 7 in 10 HR professionals claim that IT certifications will increase in importance in the next two years; enhanced career advancement opportunities; competitiveness and employability are what you stand to gain when you are looking to substantiate your skills and work towards career advancement. Eight out of 10 employers reward their staff, with a salary increment, promotion, public recognition, or bonus, when they obtain a certification; and improved salary; making you more valuable, as it bolsters your chances of earning higher than non-certified employees. 32% of CompTIA-certified professionals earn a remuneration increase, promotion or some other form of reward they obtain a certification.

The Career Prospects Of A CompTIA Certification

CompTIA Security+ is a trusted, world-renowned certificate for cyber security jobs, which enables individuals to work on an array of hardware and software. It is among the 10 hot cyber security certifications for 2019 and is developed by a body of experts and industry leaders, making it an excellent choice when choosing a career path. Individuals who are employed at the Department of Defense or work as their contractors know that a CompTIA certification gets your foot in the door. It is an IAT level one credential and is a requirement under the IA Workforce Improvement Program. This is not to say that you cannot be employed in the DoD without the certificate. However, you will undergo a training program, and your job will also depend on whether you are 8570 compliant. Overall, it is recommended that you obtain the requisite credentials before applying for the job.

You can be recruited as a HelpDesk Technician, as the skills that you have mastered upon earning your A+ are in tune with the job requirements. You can leverage CompTIA Security+ as one of the best certifications for cyber security auditor. It is endorsed by CompTIA Certification Advisory Committee, consisting of such blue-chip organizations as HP, Lenovo, and Dell.

An IT Cybersecurity Analyst role can be landed with a CompTIA certification, to investigate security incidents. This position requires the ability to multitask in a high pressure, fast-paced environment as possessing the knowledge and repertoire to address clients’ issues accurately and efficiently. It also involves interpreting and explaining data and firewall logs, as well as processing change requests relating to security devices such as URL Blocks, rules updates, intrusion detection, and RSA SecurID servers. In this role, you are expected to participate in security group activities and product development meetings, test events, to superintend the implementation of test plans and provide information on any anomalies observed. You may find yourself in the Healthcare sector as a HEDIS Reviewer with CompTIA, where you will be required to collect medical charts from provider offices, abstract medical records received online via a vendor for the HEDIS project and perform data entry of all assigned medical records into a designated database management system.

Fact Box

Certification Name: CompTIA Security+

Prerequisites: None; 9 – 12 months experience highly recommended

Salary range: $42,000 – $120,000 per annum

Number of available job positions: 582 (as reported by TechCareers)

Number of available job positions: 1234 (as reported by Indeed)

Number of available job positions: 961( as reported by Simply Hired)

Where You Can Get CompTIA Certified

Enrolling for the Simple Cyber CompTIA cyber security course guarantees the foundational knowledge that will serve as a springboard to launch your IT career. We offer the best certifications for cyber security professionals. To get certified, you need to pass the CompTIA Security+ Certification Examination and display the skill pertinent to compliance and operational security in an organization. We offer instructor-led training classes with well-blended learning delivery options (self-paced eLearning or instructor-led learning). We have a wide variety of videos, which serve to accelerate your learning experience. We provide 24/7 teaching support and assistance.

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