Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

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What It Is

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is one of the top security certifications 2018 designed for security analysts. It was created by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC) to ensure that professionals in computer security obtain standardized knowledge of the field. Earning a Certified Information Systems Security Professional certificate enables you to enjoy a successful career as a computer security professional.

The CISSP Certification exam is one of the first certifications for cyber security that is administered and promoted by the (ISC) as an aid to evaluating personnel performance in information security functions. Candidates for this exam are typically networked security professionals and system administrators with at no less than five years of hands-on work experience in one of the test domains. As one of the first ANSI ISO-accredited certifications required for cyber security, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) credential provides one of the best certifications for cyber security professionals with an objective measure of competence as well as a world-renowned standard of achievement.

What You Can Achieve With A CISSP Certification

The vendor-neutral CISSP cyber security certifications online are the ideal credential for those with an in-depth technical and managerial proficiency, experience, and credibility to create, engineer, execute and manage their overall information security program to safeguard organizations from sophisticated cyber-attacks. The CISSP was the first credential in the field of information security to satisfy the stringent requirements of ISO/IEC Standard 17024.

Major firms and IT companies require professionals that can provide security to their information systems by applying their understanding of security and risk management of CISSP to solve cybersecurity issues. More so, cybersecurity professionals are also responsible for communicating and identifying the issues which occur in the system or forecasting those that will occur in the future. They provide timely support to the network security systems by protecting them from malicious attacks or threats. Attending a CISSP course is beneficial if you want to become a certified cyber security expert because it provides coverage for all the main aspects of a security professional’s job description. The candidates are trained under highly qualified professionals that assist in having a full grasp over every significant area in cyber security. The Eight Domains of CISSP include Security and Risk Management, Asset Security, Security Engineering, Communication and Network Security, Identity and Access Management, Security Assessment and Testing, Security Operations, Software Development Security.

Here are some of the reasons why a CISSP is one of the must-have certifications for cyber security:

1. Global Recognition

The CISSP credential is a well-known certification for a certified cyber security professional and is highly valued by a wide array of large, global majors like Google, P&G, IBM, etc. These organizations agree that the CISSP certification exemplifies an individual’s operational knowledge of information security and dedication to their profession.

The US ISSEP has ratified this certification as one of the top 5 certifications for cyber security and is a baseline for the NSA. And multiple institutions have confirmed the CISSP certification as being one of the most recognized credentials in the IT industry. Bank Info Security is one such, claiming that CISSP continues to remain the most sought-after certification in the cyber security domain.

The CISSP certification is a valued credential for most professionals and is highly revered by the majority of the leading global IT players like Google, Amazon, P&G, and IBM. The CISSP is the most-popular IT security certification for over two and a half decades, which represents the value that certified professionals attribute to it and its relevance in a changing world.

2. Far-reaching Popularity

ISC reports from May 2014, reveal that over 93,391 people have attained the CISSP certificate in more than 149 countries in the world. Since its inauguration in 1989, the CISSP has been the most-popular IT security certification for more than two and half decades. This speaks volumes about the value that certified professionals derive from bagging a CISSP and its relevance in an ever-changing world.

3. Earning and Advancement Potential

The CISSP certified candidates are always preferred over non-certified candidates and they are selected in more lucrative positions as well. You need to ensure that the certification you are going to choose is one of the best in the selected field.

Who CISSP Is Meant For

The CISSP course is taken by nearly all professionals associated within all domains, but CISSP is essentially designed for experienced IT security-related practitioners, auditors, consultants, investigators or instructors, including network or security analysts and engineers, network administrators, information security specialists and risk management professionals, who wish to advance their current computer security careers.

These professionals are taking the CISSP course, as a cyber security certification path to consolidate their current positions. If they aren’t involved in a cyber security career already, they might need one in the future. Through the study of all CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) fields, students will corroborate their skills by satisfying the necessary prerequisites to qualify for the CISSP certification exam.

The Career Prospects Of A CISSP Certification

There are a lot of enticing jobs where a CISSP cyber certification would definitely be a key must-have criterion namely: Security Consultant, Security Manager, IT Director/Manager, Security Auditor, Security Architect, Security Analyst, Security Systems Engineer, Chief Information Security Officer, Director of Security, and Network Architect.

According to the Global Information Security and Workforce study, CISSP professionals earn a worldwide average salary that is 25% greater than that of their non-certified counterparts. The average salary for females with CISSP falls between $73,627 and $111,638, while the average salary for males with CISSP professionals is between $78,788 and $119,184 as of 2018.

Fact Box

Certification Name: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Prerequisites: Five years of professional experience in the information security field

Salary range: $73,000 – $120,000 per annum

Number of available job positions: 2,493 (as reported by TechCareers)

Number of available job positions: 12,567 (as reported by Indeed)

Number of available job positions: 9,622(as reported by Simply Hired)

Where You Can Get CISSP Certified

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